Born in 1997 near Nice, in southern France, I discover very early the universe of classical music. Fascinated by symphony orchestras and their instruments, I start learning music theory at four, then playing the french horn at five. I quickly grow the will of creating my own music, which I start putting down in writing – first on paper, then in engraving softwares as soon as age nine.

Fond of music as much as fictional universes, all medias combined, I develop over the years a keen interest in the soundtracks of the movies I watch and the videogames I play. The work of composers such as John Powell, James Newton Howard or Thomas Bergersen play a significant role in the most decisive choice of my youth : scoring pictures will be my job.

As of 2012, I take the initiative of contacting young directors of short films and web-series in order to offer my services. This is how my collaboration with Vectan Production founder Quentin Berbey begins – and still goes on. In 2014, as I graduate from secondary school, circumstances lead to a discussion between me and Mathieu Reynès, drawer and comic books author at Dupuis Editions, about scoring his upcoming series ; since the release of Harmony : Memento in january 2015, four volumes enhanced with nearly three hours of music so far were created.

I put my musicology licence at University Lumière Lyon 2 to good use, expanding my theoretical knowledge, honing my technique and broadening my artistic horizon by the contact with talented peers. In 2017, I successfully pass the entrance exam for the Music Applied to Visual Arts master degree (MAAAV) and integrate a class of 16 composers from international origins, within which I commit to progress even more. I write the music of several student productions from renowned animated films schools such as Émile Cohl, Les Nouvelles Images and ArtFX.

Since summer 2018, I've been collaborating regularly with composer and conductor François Rousselot (short film M. Hublot awarded at the Oscars 2014) and partaking in the orchestration, programming and copying of various pieces intended for recordings and / or performances.


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